Losing Weight With Healthy Choices

making healthy eating choices

There are numerous books and articles on how to lose weight. It can be hard to sort out the good from the bad. Most of these articles talk about exercise as a means to lose weight. This advice is certainly a proven and accepted way to lose weight in a healthy way. But exercising alone is not sufficient to make you achieve your goal. Making healthy eating choices is important in the losing weight as well. And both exercise and proper eating is necessary maintain your new weight.

The following are food guidelines that will help you achieve your desired goals.


You must have heard the saying; you are what you eat. There is a lot of truth to that. What you eat is crucial to your health. It is not only about the quantity but also about the quality of the food you eat. You need sufficient amount of protein to keep you energized and healthy as you are exercising your muscles and dropping pounds. Nutritional lean protein is the type you should include in your diet. Chicken, lean pork and fish are very good protein choices. Avoid over processed grains and fatty meats.


Fiber is an overlooked but very important to your diet. There is really very little benefit to you from eating over processed food no matter how rich in fiber it may be. It is important to include the right type of fibrous foods in your diet. Foods rich in natural fiber will prevent bloating and pressure from the buildup of dietary products. Eating fiber also keeps you feeling fuller causing you to not need to eat as often.



For a successful weight loss program, it is essential to include fruits in your diet. They are very tasty to eat. So you’ll enjoy eating a variety of fruits while you are dieting. Fruits supply you with many of the vitamins that your body needs. Eating fruit makes digestion easy and also prevents constipation. However, as with too much of anything, you should be careful not to eat too much fruit that has a high sugar content. Otherwise, you will end up with high levels of glucose which is good for instant energy but not as good if you’re not exercising.


Try your best to eat foods with less calories. Foods like fruits, vegetables and grains in proper portions are good choices. You should also try to eat raw vegetables like celery, carrots and broccoli for snacks. It may take a bit of time to acquire a taste for raw vegetables, but when you do, they are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. If you limit your between-meal snacks to food with lower amounts of calories,  you won’t be so tempted to eat large portions at your regular mealtimes because you won’t be as hungry.


As much as carbohydrates help in maintaining your vitality, when you are trying to lose weight, high carb foods are not the best choices many times. While they burn faster than other classes of food, eating too much carbohydrates will eventually add weight unless you are exercising a great deal.  So, the answer to this is to exercise enough to burn the consumed carbs from your body. Adequate exercise while dieting will keep you safe from adding pounds from carbs that turn to fat.


It is very important to always eat breakfast. Aside from jump starting your metabolism when you wake up, a healthy breakfast also supplies your body with the energy it needs to handle the start of the day. When you skip your breakfast, you might find yourself eating during the day without a real eating plan. This will mess up your carefully planned diet. Be sure to keep a food journal of some type to record everything you eat.

Integrating the food choices mentioned in this article, along with exercising and dedication in your weight loss plan will put you on your way to losing as much weight as you planned.

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