How To Stay Motivated To Exercise and Lose Weight

how to stay motivated to exerciseIt is a reality to sometimes feel reluctant, or even entirely avoid doing things we don’t enjoy. For many, exercise is no exception. You will find it hard to integrate something you hate doing into your daily living even if that event contributes a great deal of benefits to you. So, you need to embrace a positive perception on exercising and figure out how to fit physical training into your lifestyle.

To learn how to embrace physical exercising and begin seeing its positive impact on your weight loss goal, read the followings tips.

It makes more sense to integrate exercise as part of your daily routine rather than planning to exercise without a set time and then not taking action. Making exercising a lifestyle does not necessarily mean you have to jump in to it like an athlete. It simply means you are dedicated to the pattern and routine you start with. Whether you dance for 15-20 minutes and do 5 minutes stretching, what matters is to keep up with it. Ideally, you should select some body workouts you are comfortable with and map out a schedule for it. You can choose to make it your lunch hour, in the evening time after the day’s work or even better , and the way I like to do it, schedule it for the first thing in the morning.

Before you start exercising, make sure to put away things that might distract you or find a place where you can exercise without anyone interruption. You need to treat it just like you would when you’re in a meeting or having a meal. To make it really count, you have to take seriously. You can leave a message before you start that you are not to be interrupted except for an emergency. If you convince yourself to leave it and return to it later, you will find out you won’t be able to do that. Therefore, stay true to the schedule you have planned and be dedicated to it.


Spice your exercises with a blend of cardiovascular activities, muscle and weight workout. Each of these has its own significance and benefit which they contribute to your overall body health. You might not start all at once, but gradually by blending one type of exercise with a smooth transition to another until you eventually have integrated or your planned exercises into your routine. As you continue with your workouts, you’ll probably find some of your exercises more enjoyable than others. This is perfectly normal.  Just keep implementing your overall plan and keep your eye on the goals you’ve set.

You should be comfortable in your workout clothes and the environment you are in should be peaceful and reasonably quiet. There are an unlimited number of workout clothing choices out there. So pick a few outfits that appeal to you. Although your plan is to gradually reduce your body size, you should still buy your current not your anticipated size. This is because you need to be free and comfy while you workout. As you continue to do your physical workout diligently, you are already paying your dues to having eventually buying smaller dress sizes. In selecting your work out shoes, select a pair that’s rugged enough to withstand the pressure of constant workout and suitable for all times of the year.

It is important to workout either daily or every other day. Of course you’ll miss a day here or there, but try not to go too long with some kind of workout.  Just pick up where you left off and continue to apply the tips above in living a healthy lifestyle with good body weight and a healthy diet.

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