How to Include Others in Your Weight Loss Plans


The kind of people you have around you goes a long way in determining how easy or difficult it will be for any big task. A weight loss program is no exception. There are ways to solve the problem when you’ve decided that enough is enough and that you have to shed some pounds. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the things you should consider doing to make your weight loss journey more effective and more enjoyable.

First, you should tell your family and close friends what you are doing and  why you’ve decided to take on this task. While your weight loss plan might require a little less time with your family, they should be understanding and supportive of your desires. And the changes they will see over the coming months will more than make up for the time you put into your workouts. So, when you explain why you won’t be buying cookies and all the junk food anymore, they may not like it, but at least they’ll understand. While you’re at it, take this opportunity to teach them the benefits of eating healthy and proper portions. The results of better health and a more active lifestyle will pay off. Family should appreciate bringing them in on your decision and reasons why their support  is a key part of achieving your overall goals.

Partners are just not partners for companionship; they are partners because they are part of your being. So to successfully lose weight, bring your partner on board. How do you think you will do trying to lose weight if your significant other is chowing down on all sorts of junk food? I’ll tell you it will be very difficult to resist that. It’s just like a person trying to stop drinking. If people drink around them, it is hard for them to resist.


So the right thing to do is to get your partner on-board with your goals up front. Have a talk on the subject and explain the reasons why it’s important for you to do this. Tell them how much their support means to you and how much it will help them in achieving your weight loss goals. Let them know it goes beyond simply losing weight. It is a complete lifestyle change that will result in a better relationship for both of you. Having your partner’s support right from the start makes your journey much easier and increases the possibility of reaching your weight loss goals.

In your workout routine, try your best to involve friends.  It is easier to get motivated when you are with someone who is also motivated. Wanting to get a healthy lifestyle can be contagious. You can include your children by walking through the neighborhood, play at the park or play tag with them. For your adults loved ones, you can easily get them into a sport group or gym with you as well as take some walks together. Getting healthy along with someone you care about and also cares about you will be very fulfilling. You get to live together and share all your moments together.

However difficult it might be to get friends and family to support your weight loss and exercise program, it is very important that those closest to you at least understand and hopefully can be supportive.

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