A Helpful Guide to Proven Weight Loss Strategies

guide to 7 weight loss strategiesFinding an efficient method of losing weight can prove to be difficult. Many times when you feel like you are on the path to getting positive results, you realize it’s not working. You are still adding weight. Although it might seem difficult getting it right, there is always a right way to getting things done. And most times it is getting the fundamentals right, not jumping on the latest weight loss “fad”.

Here are strategies for losing weight that have been proven over time to work consistently.

Before starting your journey to losing weight, you should first make a plan of what you want to achieve. Having specific goals are key. Don’t skip this. It is extremely important. Take a good assessment of what your desired weight will be in 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. After that, think about other fitness goals you would like to achieve. When you do this, you are organized and focused. You are working on a very specific plan with very specific goals. You can also set “mini-goals” (weekly, for example), that will give you incentive to stay with the program achieve your main goals.

The first action to take is to set aside a day to get all junk food, sugary beverages and unhealthy processed food in to the garbage, or better, give donate them to a local food bank so the food is not wasted. It can be donated to a shelter, friends or even neighbors. But it must just be taken out of your residence as you will be changing your diet to something much healthier that will greatly assist you in reaching your fitness destination.

The next step in your weight loss journey is to put together a fitness plan that will achieve your goals. It is important that you put all your effort into working the plan so you stay on track. Schedule your cardiovascular exercise routine as well as your muscular strength training. You should do cardio one day then weight training the next. If time is an issue, exercise every other day. It is advisable you stick with exercises you are comfortable with and enjoy doing, not those you are reluctant to do. If it is not at least tolerable, you probably won’t be consistent in your program.


Make sure that you are dedicated and consistent with your plan, otherwise you will probably not achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Always keep the final goal in mind. Think of how much better you’ll look and feel when you reach your weight loss goal. Take each step slowly, stay positive so you won’t feel like giving up. Take care to stretch up regularly. This will keep your muscles loose and healthier.

Check your weight weekly and write it down in your goal notebook. Ultimately only you have the responsibility of losing weight. Also seek your family and friend’s support and perhaps join a support group. Doing this will help you further with the journey and also make your more accountable to your goals.

Finally, this needs to be a consistent action plan with your full commitment from the start. It is not enough to just do this half-heartedly. You have to be fully committed to a healthy lifestyle as you move forward.

To lose weight and maintain it is a lot of work and there are steps you can engage in while planning your weight loss program to make it a success. Use the general strategies given above in mapping out a workable plan to achieve your desired goal of losing weight.

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